Peace and Development Studies Community

The initial aim of the Peace and Development Studies project was to prepare and implement an entirely new specialization on the Polish educational map, dedicated to the popularization of knowledge about conflict resolution, peacebuilding, humanitarian aid and global development. The project was implemented between October 2008 and June 2011. (More information about the PDS project one may find on the old website of the project at

The current goal of the individuals and organizations involved in the implementation of the PDS project and all those interested in the issues of Peace and Development Studies is to continue the cooperation and common efforts aimed at popularization of knowledge on peace studies, global development and humanitarian assistance. To achieve this aim we have created and informal Peace and Development Studies Community (hereafter PDSC) involved in the management of the website.

Through the online platform, as well as, other means the PDSC strives to improve information exchange and improve public awareness of the issues related to peace and development studies. Until now there is no such platform in Poland. On the PDSC website one can find not only numerous articles and presentations, but also the entire books on issues of Peace and Development. Studies. We welcome contributions from all individuals and organisation interested professionally or non-professionally in the issues of conflict resolution, peace studies, development and humanitarian assistance.

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